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I believe that people taken prisoner must never be tortured or put to death under any circumstances. Therefore, I oppose the death penalty under all circumstances.

I come from a proud family of '71 martyrs, surviving freedom fighters and victims of the genocide, mass rape and brigandage perpetrated against humanity and the Bangladeshi people by the Pakistani Military, the PPP, and Islamist parties namely Jamaat-e-Islami and the Muslim League. I feel privileged and honored to spend time with those members of my family every single day. Many of them also oppose the death penalty, including my aunt, a 14YO child at the time, who was gang-raped for 7 month by Pakistanis, Jamaatis and Muslim Leaguers (many of them prominent BNP and JP politicians walking around today). She withstood the trauma and provided valuable intel that led to numerous Mukti Bahini victories in the Feni-Bilonia theater.

Having said that, I am happy that the initial verdict has been given and I hope the appeals process would also be underway soon. Through these trials, a true narrative of our Independence would emerge and lead to unforeseen national unity through that common and definitive narrative. That's what Bangalistanis don't want but Bangladeshis do, and we're from Bangladesh, not a Urdunized Bangla speaking Pakistan.

Their days of deliberately misinforming, misleading and misguiding their children and the general public about the reasons leading up to 1971 and the events throughout 1971 will also come to an end, InshAllah.

This national unity will also expose Jamaat and ML warcriminals and their fundamentally anti-Liberation and therefore anti-Bangladeshi agenda no matter where they're hiding. BNP and JP are packed with ML-centric Al-Shams criminals but AL also has a few. They will all be exposed and brought to justice InshAllah.
"And do not curse those who call on other than GOD, lest they blaspheme and curse GOD, out of ignorance. We have adorned the works of every group in their eyes. Ultimately, they return to their Lord, then He informs them of everything they had done." (Qur'an 6:108)
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