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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
didn't watch the match, nor even the highlights but heres a few things.
Sometimes you just need to watch the games to make any reasonably good observation.

At least one of those run outs was the result of the ball flicking of the baller's finger and hitting the non stricker's end. Even a batsmen with the best response time will get out in that kind of freak situation.

What you also did not notice is that sakib got life twice when two of the most easiest catches were dropped. Also two wickets fell as a result of 2 extremely good catches.

I will have to blame Tamim for at least 2 run-outs, he is extremely poor in making calls and running between the wickets.

The wicket was dead rubber. I believe even Bermuda can score 200+ runs against Australia in this wicket. So, expecting something like that from bangladesh would be unreasonable.

I personally prefer the slow run rates in the first 25-30 overs because it means players are taking less risks and less likely to get out. In the past we have been in positions many times where we lost wickets early and never recovered from it.

I think this was a very good game by our team. It was always going to be close on a 50 over match against the home team in a batting friendly pitch. As long as they winning I have no problems with anything.

There are 10 minutes highlights available posted somewhere in this forum.

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