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Run outs are a chronic problem for us. This is the very reason we lost the T20 in WI. We are making bad decisions. Most of the time we getting out not going for the 2nd or 3rd. It is the attempted quick singles that are causing our doom. That means our runners are not backing up and striker/runner do not have a good understanding. There is time honored rule on who can call for a single based on the trajectory of the ball after being hit. If the ball passes behind the wicket keeper, runner makes the call. On the other hand, goes past the umpire than it is the striker's call. If the ball is hit in the cover, extra-cover and midwicket region things are somewhat more subjective. But in this case, both batsmen has good visibility of the ball's eventual destination. Therefore, a consensus is needed and be easily made based on fielders location and their agility.
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