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Originally Posted by Eshen
As a batsman, Sakib is riding his luck, like Ashraful used to do back in the time. What is even worse is that Bangladesh batting order is very defendant on him. We will be in deep trouble the day Sakib does not turn out to be lucky.
The first game Sakib didn't turn out to be "lucky" and we won.

Even though cricket is a team sports, it often needs one or two players to perform better than the rest to win the game. Those "one or two" players are often the best players in the team.

This is hardly a new concept.

On the contrary I think Tamim - Naeem - Raqib all has the potential to win the game for us any day with or without sakib or ashraful.

It is true we used to depend on Ash to perform to win game for us - this is not the case anymore.
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