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Arrow Finally iceman falls From the heavens but not without some pride

Finally Shakib Al Hasan Bangladesh's Premiere allrounder Has been Outclassed from his #1 place in the Icc odi All rounders Ranking...Shane watson has deservedly taken the #1 spot

Shakib Rose to that #1 spot on 23 jan 2009!..So that makes 809 day(115 week and 4 days) straight on the top(shakib lost the #1 spot after the second match)..Thats some achievement by International standard not only Bangladesh standard..if you go to the icc ranking page and search premiere allrounders (like kallis,hadly etc..and yes they have ranking for don bradman u'll find garfield sobers ranking too) of present and past u will see on the ranking graph that only they held on to the #1 spot for more then 2 years..i am not puting shakib in their spot i am just showing his achievements in ranking terms

Before the WC started shakib was Ranked #1 for straight 299 matches(follow this link to see) and WC being of 49 matches and with 2 matches in the aus series that makes shakib's tally 350 match straight on #1...when shak was 278 match straight on #1 only 3 guys kapil dev,kallis and pollock has done this feat..see thie below quote from the icc 2010 ranking review

Two all-rounders continued their form from 2009 to lead their respective tables for all twelve months of 2010. Jacques Kallis has spent more matches as the top-rated all-rounder in Test cricket than anyone else – 421 in total. He showed no signs of slowing down as he finally made his maiden Test double-century to occupy top spot for the fourth complete year on the trot. In ODI cricket, Shakib-al-Hasan continued to shine with both bat and ball and even at the tender age of just 23 has already spent a total of 278 matches in top spot – a number only surpassed by Kapil Dev, Kallis and Shaun Pollock.

since then he added (350-278=)72 more matches...may be one ore 2 of these 3 have gone bellow him now..we'll have to wait for the next news to verify that

and people who always say that its Because of zim read this from the FAQ in icc rankings website:
Is it harder to score points against some of the weaker teams than it might be to score points against the likes of Australia and South Africa?

Because the ratings take account of the opposition strength, there shouldn't be any obvious advantage to playing against any particular team. Of course that's not to say that certain individuals do seem to play better against certain opposition or on certain types of pitch.
Another record he embraced during this period is that He scored the Most runs And took the most wickets in a series vs the Nz..He is only the 3rd man in history to do that in a two team series..before him only Sourav Ganguly Vs pak in 1997 and Jack kallis vs Windies in 00/01 did this feat..
follow this link, this provides the list of persons who scored at least 200 runs and 10 wickets in a 2 team series..if u right click and go to each series home u can verify that only shakib,kallis and sourav did this feat

Shakib Thanks for this Wonderful period of time which No Bangladeshi has been able to give us(in ranking and all round)..and we hope u will again rise to #1 spot very soon..not Because of Zim but Because of ur abilities

Best of Luck
when ashes fall, The LEGENDS rise

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