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Originally Posted by DinRaat.
How do you guys know when you have made it.

I know for a fact that I will be very disappointed If I am stuck with an 100K job, honestly people get impressed easily, when they hear you have a six figure salary. What's the point of an education if your just making 100k a year or a bit more, pretty pointless IMO.

A train driver can earn 100k, a taxi driver can earn 100k.

I won't be satisfied until I earn at least 300-400k

Even then I probably won't stop. How do you stop from being hungry/ambitious. For me its just an endless cycle.

I like to live by the idea of "work hard now, relax later"
Let me tell you something, the chances of you getting a job that pays 300k+ is incredibly low. You want to make those kinds of figures, become an entrepreneur. A "job" will never make you rich (especially engineering salaries, which I think you are studying?).

There are literally millions of guys like you that think "oh I can just climb the corporate ladder till I become CEO" and there's only a handful of CEOs. So do the math.

At some point, you will reach your ceiling and be put in your place, and by then you will be so beaten up and tired, you won't care anymore, and it will be too late.

Otoh, entrepreneurs can and do become millionaires. There are plumbers, who've started plumbing businesses and living the life you want. It's still very difficult, but the probability of success is much higher than working your way up to becoming CEO.

tl;dr hard work =/= 300k+ salary
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