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Disclaimer: my post may offend certain people.

For me, Earning Money is as successful as the following: does it cover for all my needs and wants plus savings. I can proudly say, YES Alhamdulillah! for different people the needs are different. For me being wealthy, is not necessarily how much you earn, but how much you save and what you do with your money. I am of the mentality to get the most bang for the buck(Islamic concept: Barakah). sometimes, in my life that doesn't exactly happen. I start backtracking and try to figure out what is it I am doing wrong and work from there....

If you have a Family that deeply cares about you, If you have friends that deeply cares about you. If you have a roof over your head and you can enjoy the tastiest of meals whenever and wherever you want. If you have no debts(You don't owe anybody anything at any level). Everyone thinks very good things about you or you have no enemies(You are well respected in Society generally speaking)... If you are able to save a substantial amount after month's work (or weeks work), If you are not stressed at work. If you lead a very well balanced healthy lifestyle where The Almighty has granted you good health and free time. That is in my word definition of Worldly Success.

Example: someone may make 3x or 5x more times money(or maybe more) then me: but ultimately, if that person has no inner peace and constantly stressed out then what success is that? If these people have absolutely no free time no enjoy themselves, then what benefit all this wealth bring then? what's the point of having all that money when after your death someone else or the state will inherit that while you forgot to enjoy your life or spend it on things that matter the most.

Advice to Dinraat and others in a similar boat: Don't worry about money. Figure out what you are really really good at and pursue that and become the best at it. money and the world will then chase you .

However, one day all of these will come to end. what's the point then? who will remember you? maybe for one day or two days or one week or few months your close family and friends will grieve. but then they will forget and move on with their life. what is your legacy? Even if i invent something or some concept, I will only be remembered for my invention/idea and nothing else. such a depressing thought, isn't it? what was it that you were meant to do on earth? The ultimate success therefore, is this:

1) You enter Paradise without any form of suffering in the hereafter or in the grave. Allah mentions in the Qur'an how He created mankind and Jinn solely for his worship. If we achieve all there is to achieve in this life but we neglect the purpose that which we were created for. we are completely useless. our existence is meaningless except for our own pitiful enjoyment and entertainment which has no everlasting value after our departure from this world.

The pleasures and treasures of this world may be very tempting but is nothing compared to what Allah has prepared for those who worked hard to please him. This is a reminder for myself as sometimes I get sidetracked from what's really important.
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