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Originally Posted by Jadukor
Eto assumption er ki dorkar jekhane you have info available online? Just look at Bureau of labor statistics by state. Mean wage per year by management fuction dewa asey.
Because they do not reflect what is being paid by these tech companies to their top programmers. Mean wage means nothing.. neither does median. Point is you don't have to become CEO, you can make a lot of money just by being a top notch programmer in these tech companies. Actual wages many get are hard to deduce from online because there are so much wide variations. It's good yardstick for your joe schmoe looking for a job but if you are in demand you would be selling yourself short if you go by those.

Look at this recent article.

So one of those Faang employees they are writing if they want to live near their work site , they have to shell out 30 percent of their pretax income for average housing whose mortage is on average 5200.

that comes out to be ~17000 usd a month or >200K a year. We are talking about average here and simply salary. So there are many that are getting stocks options, and much much higher pay. Back in the days, it was the management, ceos and all the other bullshit ppl getting money but now these companies pay a lot to the right employees.

these are not assumptions.. logical deductions.. and knowledge of the field. Not simply just from labor data which are not always in line with reality.

same article in yahoo.. if they give you ad block problem:

just came out right time for my post
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