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Originally Posted by SportingBD
“Develop in your heart the feeling of love for your people and let it be the source of kindliness and blessing to them. Do not behave with them like a barbarian, and do not appropriate to yourself that which belongs to them. Remember that the citizens of the state are of two categories. They are either your brethren in religion or your brethren in kind. They are subject to infirmities and liable to commit mistakes.”

- Imam Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
Originally Posted by Zeeshan
SportingBD I love hadith (?) and quotes like this. Feel free to write on my wall any link or resources which will show me guidance. Thank you.
Ummmm naah homes. I am actually little shocked that "I" get to be the "barbarian" for exposing your precious little peewee for what he really is. I don't know about you but the way my momma raised me homey, a barbarian calling another a barbarian is actually himself a barbarian.

If I am a total jerk and a d****ead than I certainly dragging others with me who try to hide behind religious mask.

I stand by my ad hominem. I am not the one who should apologize.
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