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Originally Posted by zman
Sounds like they are US students. Have they lived in Bangladesh before? Greece is a developed country and one would think it would be much easier to manage this kind of relief effort there. Do you know any more details about their plans, such as how long they plan to stay? How they plan to travel to the relief shelter and distribute food and clothes? How many water wells they plan to set up? I'm familiar with the cost of setting up water wells. In areas where you require deep water wells, it can cost you about $700-$900. From what I've heard about the area where the emergency shelters are being set up, it's almost at sea level and it is sufficient to extract water with regular tube wells, which cost about $100. I'm sharing this in case it helps them utilize their resources better and get more bang for their buck.
interesting. I would have to speak to Khairul in person about this. I think he is scheduled for a visit to my home in a couple of weeks, Allah willing.
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