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1. Mashrafee Mortaza (age 20.5 yr)
2. Talha Zubair (age 18.5 yr)
3. Tapash Bashya (age 22.5 yr)
4. Mohammad Sharif (age 18.5 yr)
5. Shahadat hussain (age almost 18 yr)
6. Shafaq al Zabir (age almost 18 yr)

And also Tareq Aziz (age 20.5 yr)

Would be great if we find a 'great' fast bowler. But i categorically disagree that only raw pace (90+) would make a great fast bowler. We also need to have a good look at our pitches. Pitches ought to be improving all the time. There are climatic differences around the world that contribute to the way pitches are. But greater use of technology and the sharing of ideas ( i.e help) internationally will lead to better pitches with more `carry', which is what has the fast bowler drooling.

We've got good bunch of Fast/Fast-medium bowlers with potential. All of them are very young to work on their pace. Then again only potential is nothing. Good work ethics with rigid training schedule is essential to make them stronger, faster and fitter. For example Harmison's well-documented training sessions at Newcastle United have clearly been a factor in his success. I think what we should be hoping is a McGrath or Ambrose type of bowler whose unfailing control can take pressure off the other bowlers and put pressure on batsmen.

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