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Default "Behuda kotha"- said Asst. Sec. General Jamat Kamruzzaman on 'Juddho oporadhider bicher'

April 10th 2008

Just after coming out of meeting with Advisors at 'Rail Bhaban Asst. secretary General of Jamat e Islami BD said the journalists on 'Juddho oporadhider bicher' that, "some people is trying to hot the political situation on such an issue which has been decided (mimangshito issue). When a journalist said maximum no of political parties are saying then he said, “Maximum no of party but not maximum no of people. It is a 'Behuda' (useless/meaningless) talk."

So that is the arrogance again shown by JI guys. They just don't bother at all. How much they think them selves strong! And why not they are currently running some of the biggest profit earning financial organization one of those is Islami Bank.

So many processions done by Sector Commanders Forum but still they are not afraid at all. It's a very frustrating situation for us. We want 'Juddho oporadhider bicher' but who will do? It seems to me that the political parties are again going to make political profit on this issue but won't do the original work of justice to the Beer Shahid...

source: TV news n eyes.
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