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Originally Posted by nsd3
The fact as far as I know since my childhood: it's a "Mimangshito issue". That's a fact, isn't it. Gono khoma korbo abar bichar chaibo - tamasha naki! It's time to sit and get ready for the election to build the nation. Whether people want JI or not should be tested in the election. No of political parties vs no of people - this can be easily sorted on election result. So let's just wait and see.
No sorry. Then why is hasina or khaleda being tried. Let them run in elections and let the people decide. If you did a crime you should be punished and not be eligible for running if it is a major crime.
Gono Khoma was issued by sheikh mujibs government, but it allowed individuals to pursue any such cases. It was understandable because the state did not want to waste its minimal resources on catching war criminals when there are other important issues in the agenda, like building the countries from ruins.
I donno much about the khoma that was dished out by zia, so i will not comment.

But going back to the issue of elections. Elections are not won or lost on one issue, its a package of issues. Most people in the 2004 elections in america voted for bush, but was anti war. But yeah a referendum can be made and the people can be asked to provide a yes or a no vote as to whether war criminals should be tried and if found guilty bannned from politics.
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