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The forgotten anniversary
Sports Reporter

"Oh was it today? I actually forgot all about it," said Khaled Mashud who was taken aback by the question: "So, do you have any special plans for today [Friday], the 15th anniversary of the ICC Trophy win?"

The match -- Bangladesh versus Kenya in Kuala Lumpur -- actually began on April 12 but due to persistent rain, a Malaysian speciality at all times of the year, the umpires decided to take the Bangladesh innings, after Kenya had made 241-7 in 50 overs, into the reserve day with Bangladesh needing 166 runs in 25 overs. So it transpired that it was on April 13, 1997 that Bangladesh played out their (at the time) greatest sporting moment.

Surprisingly, it was skipped over by many. Is it because there have been much bigger moments in Bangladesh cricket? It is for many, especially if one considers the standard of cricket that is being played by the national cricketers now. The first triumph, however, holds a special place for everyone.

After recovering slightly from the surprise of overlooking such a momentous occasion, Mashud said that it was a special group that won that day.

"It was the best moment for me, certainly. It was the best team combination at the time and we had great teammates," said the former national captain.

"We have all remained friends. Obviously those who are still related to cricket are people who we see regularly but even those who are not within the circuit, I stay in touch with them," he added.

Mashud also remembered another man who had a huge role to play in Bangladesh's ascent into the 1999 World Cup, the primary destination after the ICC Trophy win.

"The last time I met Gordon Greenidge was probably a long time ago, but he certainly was a man who had a huge influence in our cricket," he said.

"Above all else, Gordon was a good human being. I think the only regret is the manner of his exit in 1999. We should have given him more respect," he added.

The single memory that Mashud carries to this day is the six he hit off Martin Suji in the final over. "Nobody would let me forget that six, everyone wants to know about that six," he said.

Mashud however rued the lapse. "If only I remembered it two days ago, we could have held a nice get-together."
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