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The young BD pace bowlers needs to be looked after carefully. I think Mashrafee and Talha are capable of being very good bowlers in the future. I haven't seen the other newcomers, but heard they are quite impressive. Pace bowling is an art, not just wham-bam-thank you-maam kinda deal!
We want the services of our pace bowlers for the years to come- not just for a series. They need to strengthen their muscles, do weight training and other exercises to keep their cricketing longevity.
I'd rather see them go through it all slowly but properly. We need them for the future!
Look at Australia- their fast bowlers and batsmen debuts at around age 24 or above, and they don't have many serious injuries whereas Pakistan puts youngsters in too quickly and then pays the price through injuries!
Anywayz maybe i'm rambling on and on about this!
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