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Default How rich are our cricketers?

Cricket has become a glamour sport for this country, and i guess it's already reached a level where some boys in this country might take up this sport to gain stardom, fame (well, who doesnt?).....thanks to the era of shakib, and tamim, and the upcoming young world class breeds....but i was wondering, i mean in countries like india and australia, being a cricketer can be the first choice for a sport for any aspiring young sportsperson....coz of the money available in form of ipl and big bash in respective countries, and also lucrative contracts and offers they get from boards, companies, etc.....whereas in windies, or nz, its just the just isnt a money making game in those countries....(a reason why so many windies players are flocking to other foreign leagues)....and theres rugby for a young kiwi kid to become a hero rather than try in cricket.....considering all these...bangladesh is surely not one of these nations...and there is no doubt a young boy from a rural village in Bangladesh would know trying something in cricket can get him huge sums compared to football.....BUT once again, how EXACTLY rich are our cricketers on an international level? Are they rich compared to only Bangladesh lifestyle? like do they earn more than any other profession in bangladesh? or is it that on an international level, they earn hefty amounts good enough for a lavish living too in a foreign land? i am not talking of comparing with with epl, or football clubs, no wayyy...thats peanuts i know....but i am talking, say, how do our decent national cricketers cumulative (total earnings) salary compare, say to an MIT Masters/PHD graduate in engineering? dont bring in the example of shakib, he doesnt represent the general state of bangladeshi cricketers.....but more like what about likes of mushfiqur, rubel, razzak etc, coz these guys came from modest backgrounds....
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