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Originally Posted by BANFAN
You know, i wrote a few long posts on this in another thread. Dont like to run it agan. Having TI & Shak doesnt complete the team. Then we didnt have to depend on Ash for repectability against Zim test.

This is a very disturbing trend, that, when ever we have a better player emerging, we start comparing him and try to make the others redundant. Thinking that he alone is enough to win matches, damages the team. We need 11 players who has the ability to take the responsibility on occassions, someone will do more often than others, that's the situation in every team, that makes a team balanced.

Problem is, when you have a player who can make 25/30 consistanytly will have a high average to argue, but when responsibility of rescuing the team comes on his shoulder, demanding a big knock, he spoils trouser, bcoz he cant do more. Not that Ash can do it consistently, he has done it on occassions & his recent form inspires hope.Given the amount of mishandling he has undergone in JS era and still he is determined to be back in form, earns my respect. Very few can do that, like almost all his contemporaries have almost given up the game or hope of improving. Makes him an exceptionally determined character. This guy has the ability and he will be back, wheather we like it or not, matters less. But I have hope. I would love to change him with only a proven player or when the three (Mentioned Bellow) are set, then bring in 2 more promising new guys. you cant fill up the team with all promises & no performance, then we go back to the days of 2001-2002.

Currently I can see, TI, Shak, Mushy well set ..But.... Riyad, Nayeem, Naseer has promises only, needs to do it consitently against betterteams to make him redundant. Even after that we will have two more slots for genuine Batsmen capable of taking responsibility at times, if Shak takes an all rounders slot. That will make us a stronger team to face the bigger teams confidently. But Managing this change is tricky and shouldnt be done overnight.

... I want the team to win matches against bigger teams and save us from humiliations against smaller ones'. Failure of all the top order like Zim Test & looking at Ash to come to rescue, makes me feel thatwe aren't yet ready to leave him out. I'm afraid, we are not yet out of that scenario completely (Bold)
That's really the main problem of not only the fans but also our selectors. We just feel that we still need Ash. It really is a defensive mindset. What was his performance like against the WI in the 2 tests? He had done virtually nothing in those tests and yet we won. Then when Ash decided to take a break in the England series, did we end up getting out for 100? No. As a matter of fact we scored 260 in 1 game and had it not been for bad officiating, we would have won. And the other 2 matches we ended up scoring above 200. Then in the 2 test matches against England, we ended up scoring 296, 331, 419, and 285. And then the NZ series, we ended up winning without Ash. And the WC win against England. It's not like we're getting 50 or 60 all out without Ash. So I don't understand what type of impact he's making to the team. Problem is though, the selectors are just too scared to leave out Ash for a long period of time because they just feel we need him which is not the case.

My point is that it's just no point of trying to make it work with a repeated failure such as Ash. Same goes for Junaid, Aftab, and Rokibul as well. You gotta keep on trying different combinations and keep chopping and changing away so that you finally get a lineup that's right. Does risks come with it? Sure it does. But risks is what we have to take. No point of just throwing in a 23 avg batsman in the top order and expect miracles.
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