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Originally Posted by Fazal
I am confused.

Two men who love one another? Is it allowed in our religion? Can you please elaborate further what kind love they are talking about?

They get Shadow? I thought if caught, they get beth-er bari.
This talks about the brotherly rapport between two Muslim brothers.

The other question I have is why ruler get the shadow?

They get special treatment in this world at the sake of common people, and then they get free ride afterward? Its kind of hard for me to rationalize based on current situation that we live in.
Not all rulers will get the shadow, only the just rulers shall. If you go over the history of the rulers, be they are democratic, autocratic or theocratic, you will find that once ascended to the chair of power, they tend to abuse their power. The rulers use their power to wipe out their opponents. They use their power to nurture their allies who help them sit on the chair. They compromise with many evil factions to remain in power. They use their power to violate human rights. The list goes on. But most of the times, the rulers appear as angels in front of the people they are serving. This instinctive tendency of abusing power to keep the chair is so strong that nothing can help rulers curb this desire except for the fear of Allah in their heart. Can you find a leader now who has the fear of Allah in their heart? I can't; that is the reason unjust is so prevalent in the world at the moment. The shadow in the Day of Judgement is certainly not for these type of rulers!
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