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Default About the vets (veterans)

I would not go out and bring them back just to bring them back, if they can show the form, sure, experience counts - as was displayed by Akram.

However, I will think twice before bringing back Bulbul, Golla, Opee, Durjoy et al.
First off, Durjoy does not have much to offer to the team at this moment. he can be easily replacable.

Bulbul and Golla has been out of form but if you look around the globe, you'll find that there are top first class/domestic players who turn out mediocre performances in ODI and test matches while there are some mediocre domestic players who become world beaters.

Also, we need to find stability in the team. Look at Pakistan, the team has some of the best players in the world and yet, the team is completely unstable. With the way our team is run, with all the chopping and changing, the team does not have a rhythm. We need to find the right mix through training and practice matches and try to stick with it for 3/4 matches in a row. IF we do change, make just a couple of changes. Don't let a player play two matches, flop and then drop him. be more patient. We don't have any extraordinary players in the team so it really won't make much difference if we keep on changing the team in every single match.
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