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Originally Posted by tonmoy.dhaka
Anyways to get back to the real matter in hand. Trump will make it hard to attain H1B visa, that will probably spell doom for the indian IT industry. Not to mention the tech industry in US would suffer too.
On the contrary this is a loophole/problem that should've been addressed by lawmakers long time ago. There's a whole lot of confusion surrounding H1B visas. I read the executive order that was allegedly leaked by the press. It only asks lawmakers/industry experts to evaluate the current system to determine if it requires amendment and seeks recommendations in the case of amendment.

The H1B visa was created to allow US employers to employ foreign workers under special circumstances when they could not find suitable local candidates. The minimum salary for these highly skilled workers was set to $60,000 almost two decades ago. Adjusted for inflation and increased demand, two decades later these jobs should easily pay $100k+, but the minimum salary requirement for H1B visas was never changed. In recent years they found that some of the largest Indian IT firms were gaming the system and exploiting this loophole at the expense of American workers. In many cases American workers with real experience are being overlooked for foreign workers who have little to no experience. Recently Disney fired 400 US workers only to replace them with H1B visa holders at much cheaper salaries. Unfortunately this has become a broader trend.

According to bills that are being proposed by lawmakers, what will likely happen is the minimum salary of H1B workers will be raised to $100K-$130K, which will provide companies better incentive to try and fill the positions with US workers. If they can't find US workers they can always sponsor foreign workers as all other Software companies are doing anyway. This is a very fair proposition.
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