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If you make dumb comments, you will be called a dumb fan. You make yet another dumb comment by sayin Big Ben is dead. How so? He is among the top five-six QB's in this league with winning pedigree. Just made Wallace and Brown 1,000 yards WR thsi year. Just went to the pro-bowl and consistently leads his team to playoffs ever since he has been drafted with three trips to superbowl ( two wins ). In contrast, Alex Smith the no.1 overall pick has only one decent season and that was this year. Still wasn't good enough that they went looking for Manning. He is a good QB in this league, but to say he is anywhere near the class of Ben-Eli-Aaron-Peyton-Tom-Drew ( winners all ) is the epitome of dumbness. 32 out of 32 GM's will take Ben over Alex Smith, except maybe you.

Of course, you will say past is past, when there is nothing in the near or distant past to brag about when it comes to 49ers. One good year in a decade and playing in the garbage div of NFC West. Future is good with 49ers but Steelers are good in past, present and in future. So, that's the difference.

Bowe has been franchised by K.C. So, 49ers can't go after him. Yet another uninformed observation by you. Couple that with childish and incorrect name calling of players ( big fat, dead, not helping anyone ..etc )just shows that you are indeed a dumb fan.

Ummm...You talking about decency is like Shadadat talking about econ.
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