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My fear with Siddons is that we are focusing on batting and nothing else.

The team is selected based on batting skills, even wicket keepers and bowlers (Naeem and Riyad are the 5th bowler as a batsman who can also bowl).

The keeping, fielding is as bad as its ever been and there is no team strategy. Even the batting is only focused on individual scores and not partnerships. The running between the wickets and strike rotation is poor.

Captaincy is at a loss with no idea on how to bowl to opponents, how to change the batting line up per situation or how to use powerplays.

There is no denying that 2010 are below par compared to growth expectations from 2008. Expectations for 2009 maybe skewed due to the lack of quality in opponents.

I know Siddons lovers will show our next victory (when it may be) as the proof of improvement but we really should have more to show by now than some one off individual performances (and to be honest, most of them have been non-threatening to the outcome of the game for the opponents to even care).
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