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Default Bangladesh senior players reluctant to play Tests - BCB president

Posted the link above, just want to highlight some points (short version for TL;DR)

- Seniors does not want to play, same also applies to Fizz although he didn't tell Nazmul that (but implied meaning).

- Says barring Australia/England no one else is really in interested especially since there is no money/broadcasters/fans behind it for TEST cricket.

- Trying to develop Test specialists, says need 5/6 of them, only Mominul is true test specialist. Also says can't drop Mini due to one bad series

- Lastly Fizz barred from having NOC for playing in T20 leagues for next 2 years due to injury history.


This begs the question now.

Is it time to go with the West Indies approach?

Which is out with the old in with the new, they completely ditched all their ancient fossils from the team barring one or two guys (Gabriel/Holder/Braithwaite) and basically brought newer younger players to the team.

Think it's time that BD does the same thing barring keep one/two players, so it might be time if the seniors don't give a damn just to boot all of them (Shakib, Tamim, Mushfiq, Ullah), and bring in a young captain with a young team that has lots of growing pains.

although not lots of elite talent available there is atleast a core to work around.

batters: Shanto, Mosa, Mehedi, Mominul, Das, Saif, Zakir, Nurul etc (maybe even Anamul since he is only 26, I don't think Afif applies as a test cricketer so won't include him).

bowlers: this area is more tricky, jayed ebadat, Qazi Anik, Nayeem taijul is the core right now, if a older player then most likely roy, kamrul, and shahid if given another chance, especially if Fizz does not want to play, and the others have already been tried/failed or not format worthy (taskin/saiffudin).
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