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Default From the newsgroups

Here's what people are saying about our team ...

"If Bangladesh must continue to play Test cricket then I have few suggestions
for the authorities to make their matches more interesting/competitive:
1. Bangladeshis be allowed to bat in three innings in the match. At least, it
would extend the match to the fourth day. Or
2. Each Bangladeshi batsman be dismissed by their opponents twice in an
innings. Or
3. Bangladesh be allowed to borrow two players for the match from other
Test-playing countries. Or
4. Boundary line be moved few yards in, when Bangladesh is batting. Or
5. Like Bowling (the sports), a handicap system be introduced thereby
Bangladeshis should start their innings with 100 or 150 runs already on board.

Any comments, suggestions and additions are, by all means, welcome.


"All good suggestions but I'd like to add some other rules we used to follow
playing in the school yard.

6. No lbw or stumping.
7. First ball faced by a batsman is always a trial ball.
8. You can't be out unless you've hit the ball atleast once.
9. Last batsman can bat alone.
10. If the ball is hit behind square and beats the wk or slips then it's 2
runs declared.
11. No bouncers allowed. If the ball is chest high or higher, batsman
gets awarded 4 runs.
12. If you hit a batsman you cannot bowl anymore (unless you're bigger
than everybody else in which case this rule does not apply.)

- Gussie"

"13. both bat and ball to remain the property of BD. In the event of a dispute, BD
can take their bat and ball and go home.

(just kidding Moby, don't take this too seriously. BD do not appear to have
displayed any signs of poor sportsmanship)


and there's more ...
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