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It's pointless to try to twick and come up with the ideal starting 11. We have some basic fundamental problem in the team, that need to be addressed first. And that is: we need new leadership in the team. Captain and/or Coach need to go. Ideally both, but atleast one need to go. It's not working... the team is dis-functional. Not the coach or the cpatian is making the proper adjustments to make this team a workable one.

Roles are not defined, resources are not used properly, the fielding collectively is going from "average" to "bad" to "ugly".... and nothing is being done to address that. It's hard to beleive that few years back we were pretty decent fielding team.

Wicket keeping is very inconsistent and far lower than "below par", field placing is not consistent with the bowling, and dropping catches and mis-fielding are just demoralizing our average bowlers.

Nobody knows what is expected out of each player, and how they will be made accountable. The punishment is inconsistent and role is not clear to the players.

Just change the coach and the cpatain and you will see, the same core group of players will produce different performance.

So until we get a new management, there is no point wasting time in trying to get ideal team. All will falter under this management.
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