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Originally Posted by zman
^Exactly. Must give credit where it's due. He led from the front and helped us win matches in the WC but in this match he just totally lost control. His bowling was awful and much worse than what the eventual figures of 69/1 suggest. Rubel, Taskin, and the spinners would bowl beautifully and create a lot of pressure on the batsmen, then Mash would enter the scene, bowl at 120kph without line and length, and help release it. If he had to bowl in situations where Rubel and Tasking bowled his figures would've looked something like 115/1.

Team India had more to lose than us and that's why they were naturally under more pressure. Mash failing to lead by example and putting so much unnecessary pressure on himself and the whole team shifted the pressure on to us. This was evident in the sloppy fielding by our usually reliable fielders like Soumya and Nasir. His inability to keep calm and cope with pressure was probably one of the primary reasons of our downfall. This is where leaders like Dhoni/ABD/Clarke/McCullum/Misbah et al separate themselves from the rest.
I agree, I think Mashrafee worst mistake was letting Raina and Rohit get away by bringing himself on to bowl. At that time, we needed to keep on Taskin or Rubel to keep them under pressure. The Indian batsmen played cautiously against those two, but did not care much for Mashrafee. He saved Rubel/Taskin for last 10, but any bowler goes for runs during that period to be honest. If we took one of those two earlier, it could have seriously dropped India's final tallly.