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Mash lost his cool. If bowlers aren't bowling according to the plan, or if the fielders aren't fielding well yelling at them in front of the whole world won't help them get it together. Especially yelling at a 19 year old kid bowling vs No.1 batting side! I'm sure other captains yell at their players too, to get their act together but this wasn't that type of thing. This was a case of Mash losing his **** and losing the game in process.

Couple of days ago I said Mash would be the weak link and Indians would target him. And I asked if his bowling is not going well will he be able to maintain good leadership and make good decisions in the field? The answer is sadly no. This is why most bowlers aren't captains. Because they have to do two big jobs at once, bowl and captain. Batsmen have the luxury of batting and not worry about the other stuff, like field placements, bowling rotation.

And after Shakib's brainfart vs NZ I wondered whether the other 10 players in the team were also having a brainfart at the same time. Asked why didn't anyone come and talk sense into Shakib? Mash won't get it right all the time like he did vs Eng and someone will need to talk to him. But would they? The answers is once again no! And nobody did. No one told him him to put a slip in when edges kept going down first slip. No one told Mash to bowl himself out early, instead of bowling in the death/bpp. Or better yet, not bowl his quota at all and give more overs to Sabbir and Riyad or even Mya. What worked vs Eng wouldn't work here. And someone had to go up and tell him that. Shakib or Rahim.

I've never hated more to find answers to my questions! These are bad bad answers!