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Now back to the game, well what can i say guys? the tigers were well and truly tamed today i'm afraid!!, Samuels was top class and i knew once Shiv got in he would make it count, my original aim was just to get a 150 lead, now i'm sure we must be looking for at least 250 by lunch tomorrow, with Shiv there anything is possible, we push it to 275-300 then you have to say the Tigers are gonna be a spot of bother,

Also well done to young Bravo, a lot of talk about Pujara right now but this kid has four tons away from home thus far and is younger than him, also has a way more attractive style, whenever bangla bat it's gonna be very interesting to see how our spinners get on, i expect our pacers to take wickets but the spinners have been average thus far so i hope they can step up in the second innings, the commentators before the game said that turn should come by day 4 so we're gonna see about that.

It must have been painful from a bangla fans perspective to watch that but really this is nothing new, we done it to Sri-lanka HERE and we done it to India HERE , and on both occasions the teams were pretty much begging us to stop batting , we've also scored 522 vs NZ and 426 in England, both coming in our last two series, although we do know how to collapse aswell , but these big scores are becoming the norm for us tbh, whether we bat first or second.
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