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Originally Posted by Shaan
now can our bullshit big mouth batsman like Tamim and others shut the mouth and learn to perform, they should have shame themselves when player like samules can hit double ton who is very attacking and aggressive batsman than mr. omuk and tomuk. I hate when some our ramcghols always say this is my style, my style my foot don't you think players like Samules or hyden or gilchrist are where less aggressive then you mr cow dung. What you need is commitment and responsibility for the team. How can those world class players adjust themselves on any version cause those players know how to put value on their wicket for their country,, they don't play for fun or amusement for themselves rather professionally they apply themselves on every game, adapt themselves for next challenge for their country cause they know they are representing their country. you wanna be world class then act accordingly, stop saying bullshits this is my style or that is the way I play, who cares how you play if you don't bring any good results for your country for which reason you are selected to national team, not for your amusement, then you should have chiriyakhana there lock yourself and play with monkeys not in the national squad. I hope in second innings you bunch of idiots prove us wrong that you deserve your place in national squad !!!....
This is a very good post, the best I've read in a while. I'll print it out, laminate it, put it up on the wall above my bed and read it every night before I go to bed.

Amader batsman der fazlamir ekta limit ase. Mair er upor oshudh nai, kintu mair ta dibo keda? Jurgensen nijei to bhua coach.

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