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Originally Posted by WindieFan
Mr Pont, i find your posts very informative, i'd love to know what your views are about WI? we've struggled for a long time since we ruled the world back in the golden era but little by little we seem to be getting things together, from what you're seeing do you think we have the potential to be one of the better teams again?.
West Indies have started to play as a team (remember the player revolt when they put out a third string side - ironically against BD in the Caribbean?)

Under Ottis they are finally accepting that the sums of it's parts are greater than the whole sometimes, meaning a team can achieve much by being united and playing for the badge and shirt - not for themselves.

WI for such a long time had an issue with this due to the 1976-1990 world domination from it's fast bowlers and attacking batsmen. They thought it was a 'given' to be great. But they are realising that hard work and preparation count for far more than talent. And with some fresh faces, good players and a great work ethic, they are now starting to reap the rewards.

I also think that with Toby Radford as batting coach, they are learning to bat for long periods of time, as well as be able to score fast (when they need to in T20 and ODIs).

I see only good things for WI from now. They need to develop their pace attack to be more penetrating but otherwise have an upward curve. New Zealand would do well to copy the WI approach as they too need to rebuild once again.

I am afraid that Bangladesh by comparison are being left even further adrift from the pack, and despite 12 years of opportunities, are still not competing and even getting close draws often enough.

With Ireland bulldozing towards Test status and Zimbabwe in a rebuilding phase, things will be very tough at the bottom.
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