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he needs a vice captain... A permanent one who can assist him. The ODI series and the Asia Cup, he didnt have a proper vice captain and I feel like its part of the reason why his captaincy has gone down. His captaincy was easily better just a few months ago against the Kiwis.

I feel like there is no one to stop him on field from taking a wrong decision, no second opinion. One could argue that the senior players can assist him but when someone has the vice captain tag next to them, it gives them more authority. I saw Shakib doing well with Mash as they were discussing a lot of things. When Mushy is captain, i dont see that very often.

I know people are gonna yell at me for this but i feel like, the Mushy-Riyad duo worked well. they have a good relationship and i feel like when Riyad was around, Mushy made less errors... (results show it anyways)

It would have been great if Mushy and Shakib worked together.... Both are natural leaders and by working together, they cancel out each others weakness. But sadly it doesnt happen. Shakib, I believe does not want to assist.
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