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Originally Posted by Megh
and there was a over throw went for 4 as well.
There wasn't any overthrough in that over. The overthrough that went for 4 was in the 2nd over (Rubel's first over). I watched the match live!

17.1 Mashrafe Mortaza to Silva, 1 run, drops it a bit short, he plays a short-arm pull down to deep square-leg

17.2 Mashrafe Mortaza to Mubarak, FOUR, he pitches it up on middle and leg and Mubarak clips it away effortlessly over square leg

17.3 Mashrafe Mortaza to Mubarak, FOUR, comes round the wicket but it doesn't help as he bowls a full toss, Mubarak clubs him across the line and finds the midwicket boundaery

17.4 Mashrafe Mortaza to Mubarak, OUT, he comes over the wicket and it brings about a change of luck ,Mubarak tries to dab it away to third man but ends up spooning it straight to short third man

J Mubarak c Naeem Islam b Mashrafe Mortaza 16 (14b 3x4 0x6) SR: 114.28

17.5 Mashrafe Mortaza to de Saram, 1 run, short ball, he swivels backwards and upper cuts it to third man

17.6 Mashrafe Mortaza to Silva, FOUR, short ball, he gets on top of the bounce and pulls him over midwicket
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