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I can't claim to be 100% vegan, but I'd say in the last 2.5 years about 99.5% of the food I've ingested has been free of animal products.

London has some awesome vegan fast/junk food places. Two I've tried recently that I'd recommend:

- The actual sign at the shop says "Temple of Hackney". The spicy "chicken" sandwich is absolutely fantastic - I think it'd fool anyone into thinking it's chicken. The mac and "cheese" and the popcorn "chicken" are also really good - I'd recommend them even though they are not as convincing. The "wings" are a waste of time.

- Basically a Turkish vegan place. The doner is very good - not as greasy as a real meat doner, so you sort of feel like you are eating a "healthy" kebab. The baklava is decent - a bit too sweet for my taste. I have to go back and try the Turkish "pizza" and also pig out on some doner "meat" and chips (used to be my late-night-inebriated-state favorite when I used to eat meat).
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