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Originally Posted by Gowza
playing for overseas clubs no doubt has given shakib more insight into how professional other players are and what their work ethic and determination is like to improve. i really hope more BD players get to play for other teams in other parts of the world for a decent amount of time so they to can understand what sort of requirements are needed to succeed at the highest level of cricket, they can then bring it back to BD and start to improve the BD culture. if the national team players have a good professional culture then the fringe players and the players working towards national team caps will be forced to work harder and get more professional or they won't have a shot.

shakib has opened the door, tamim got a look in for a short bit, hopefully guys like nasir, mushy, rubel, sunny etc will get that opportunity.
Point is very good. But if the other players keep proving time and time again that they are crap players and Shakib is way way ahead of them, that scares overseas recruiters to recruit them.

These guys have to prove their worth by their own performances with the national team, Shakib has paved the way, but can't pull their performance up.
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