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Originally Posted by tonmoy.dhaka
Draft of Digital security act

I definitely qualify for 7 years prison for some of my posts at Banglacricket.

I guess from now onwards, Editors of all news agency should validate every piece of news to be published by the Party in Power and by the Religious Masters (Moulovis and Moulanas) before posting a news or editorial.You never know when you might be subject to prison time.

Gag order is the only way to defend the indefensible.

Yeah bro.... meanwhile when rest of the world is progressive and has a f-the-world-if-they-can't-adjust-grow-a-thick-skin-FFS mentality, we are imprisoning "for hurting little alauddin babu's religious sentiments.." oh ffs... generation and culture of snowflakes, millennials and ENTITLEMENT

see, the thing about entitlement card is...anyone can play it and pretty much use it against you..

shara dunia ek dike agaye jaitese.. ar amra din k din backward e porinoto hocche..

then again this is what you get when you have a nonsecular regime like that of Bangladesh appeasing 99% of the populace who are muslims...

then again MAJORITY IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT...heck..

this is EXACTLY what the TYRANNY of MAJORITY is...
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