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For every single atricle that speaks about Illegal immigration I could produce hundreds of articles speaking about the problem India faces with illegal immigration.I have seen this problem first hand , and no I am not talking about Assam or WB or Mumbai but Hyderabad (in South India).Ilmmigration is a huge problem facing India as we are pressed for resources overselves.Yes , probably India should be more softer on the perpetrators but what can She do! .BD is against the Border fence that can solve the probelm
As about the disputed territories .These territories are of dispute at the time of partition and are not encroached lands by either countries .India to its credit inspite of its size and military did not use force to claim these lands.If India were a war mongerer it could have used these skirmishes to push into BD's territory .As in Isreal's case bully's and warmongerers need not have a reason to throw there weight around.

I am not claiming India is right and BD is wrong .But I am asking people in here to look at the grey areas.
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