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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
he has been banned 3 times..why was he ever allowed to bowl again? If ICC wants hafeez to bowl so much they should change the rules and make it 20 degrees. just as they did with murali and made it 15 degree so that he can bowl
ICC changing rules for Murali is an absolute myth spread by Australian media, it's absolutely not true, they changed the rule, because all bowlers have a flex and they decided what looked straight to the naked eye after extensive research and study, nothing to do with murali, only reason Murali gets associated with it, is because the study was carried out to see if any other bowlers 'chuck like Murali' they found out 99% of bowlers have a slight flex, so they had to set a limit, so they can test it in the future and the 15% was decided, as I've stated above, mcgrath pollock used to flex 12%

'Extensive research conducted by the International Cricket Council is set to reveal that 99% of bowlers in the history of cricket have been throwers. The study was undertaken in the wake of the furore surrounding Muttiah Muralitharan, whose doosra was banned earlier this year after Chris Broad, the match referee for the Tests against Australia, reported it to the ICC.

"The scientific evidence is overwhelming," said Michael Holding, the possessor of one of the smoothest bowling actions in history, and a member of the six-man panel of former Test players who have been gathered in Dubai to investigate the issue. "When bowlers who, to the naked eye, look to have pure actions are thoroughly analysed ... they are likely to be shown as straightening their arm. Under a strict interpretation of the law, these players are breaking the rules. The game needs to deal with this reality and make its judgment as to how it accommodates this fact."

According to Derek Pringle in the Daily Telegraph, Murali is no different from the vast majority of his fellow players.'
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