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Originally Posted by captainBD
agree that quality is diluted bur more teams mean more chances to young cricketers + more cricket matches happening
That's why I said there should be a district level competition where youngsters, who don't make the cut for FC teams, can play.

If we are to produce better quality Test cricketers, we got to have a more competitive FC league. Right now we are focusing too much on quantity, and not enough on quality. Right now our domestic calender is too crowded (look at how spread out Australian Sheffield Shield matches are). Because of so many leagues, we are giving players only enough time to travel from one venue to another between matches. They get no time to replenish their strength, no time to work on their weaknesses in nets. This especially degrades the quality of fielding and bowling as a tournament progresses. The cramped scheduling also does not allow the ground staff to do what they need do to maintain pitch quality.
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