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Originally Posted by Kabir
There's no replacement for Ash.

But there should be some replacement for thankless fans...who fail to appreciate even the little impact he has made.

Did you guys not see the way he bowled? He bowled tight, and if he was lucky, he would've ended the WI chase (had that catch not been dropped). I want to see him bowl more in Test 2. We need to give him the opportunity to find his way back...the real reason why he was selected in the first place. However, he should be brought down to 5-down. That will give him a real opportunity to find his rhythm back. Until he gets it back, leave him in the team...and keep supporting him. He needs support more than these rubbish talk.

To me, Ash is always in the team as long as he's not the captain. You don't have a person performing all the time. Ash gets to stay. Thankless fans - out.
Kabir bhai, the problem is some of the people here don't even watch the game live. They have no clue what happened on the field. They read the comments on CI and read the bulletins and then starts judging based on that.

Some people saying any bowlers could get the wickets but they didn't see what was happening at the time. No bowlers couldn't make the breakthrough. Shakib has bowled all the bowlers but still it wasn't working. Samething happend in the first innings as well.

Ki ar bolbo bhai.. shob dosh Boycott er mom er..
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