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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
well you should have clarified about what you implied..i'm not a clairvoyant.

i'm not saying shoaib deserves warts, but you know what, he doesn't not deserve them either. he's an idiot. and idiots will always suffer. if you want to be a pro-idiot, thats your business, and there isn't anything immoral about that.

but shoaib is property of the PCB/state of pakistan, and he owes them his fitness so long as he is emplyed by them.

mashrafee has any right, however stupid it might be, to jump off bridges and pop wheelies on his motorcycle, but so long as he collects a paycheck from the BCB, the BCB are fully within their right to demand he stops that dangerous behavior. morality or no morality.

thus PCB has every right to ask shoaib to keep his you-know-what out of random girl's you-know-where. cuz thats where he got the damn virus from, just in case you missed that in your micro class...
I think PCB and Shoaib are like made for each other.
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