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Originally Posted by Mas_UK25
Based on his last bowling innings 4years ago?
Since them years ago, hasn't Abul any strides with the bowl, taking any 5fers or anything in domestic?
I'm sure Abul has learnt a thing or two since then. At over 6ft, he has decent pace, can bend the back. With proper guidence he will come decent.
Some players boom late, like the homie Mullah and others. Abul, might well that type in terms of bowling.
We won't know until we see him again on TV. If my memory hasn't failed me, which occasionally does.. I think I did see him bowl crap in BPL. I think got smashed around a lot in that over with his same old short and wide deliveries. However he could have been included in the warm up games to showcase the improvement he has made since then. So maybe that will happen at some point.
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