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I came across a really interesting article yesterday on They put together the some really interesting stat, and based on them Steyn is already best of the best.

Here is my favorite part of the article
He may have the most un-fancy of physiques for a fast bowler, is one of the shorter ones in height but certainly not in stature! Having been born in an era when it is increasingly becoming rare to find good quality fast bowlers, where their numbers are dwindling faster than of the tigers in India, where the game is almost totally skewed in favour of batsmen with short boundaries, restrictions on bouncers, fancy helmets and protective guards, broader and meatier tailor-made bats, unhelpful and dead wickets, fast outfields, where the influx of 20-20 and IPL have tempted the young generation to emulate a Pollard rather than a Roach, it is an absolute privilege to see a fast bowler of Steyn's quality rip through famed batting attacks all over the world.
read the rest here:
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