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Originally Posted by Banglaguy
This is from another post I made:

Only through darkness and pain can you achieve greatness, it won't be handed to you on a plate. Talent can only take you so far. You need commitment, dedication and self belief, and the belief that anything is possible. Take Malinga's Double Hat-trick, that was an act of not giving up, and for not standing down. Sports is like war in some respects, and the more you stand up and the bigger you courage and heart, the more you will turn heads. Did we give up against New Zealand defending 174? No. And although we might not always defend those scores, you must try, and if you try, there is nothing else anyone can ask you for. You can't blame someone for trying their hardest and losing, but I for one do not want to accept giving up before the match is even lost. Our Tigers will make us proud, they will make Bangladesh proud, and I hope for their sakes, they make themselves proud. Whether we like it or not, even the best won't perform all the time, but what they do is they try. You pick yourself up, shake the winning teams hands, and you come back to fight another day. We might not be the best, but I sure as hell am always proud of Bangladesh cricket. When I talk with my mates and there like ''What has Bangladesh done?'' I hold my head up high, and I say ''More for us Bengali's than any of you can ever imagine''. We are a country full of passionate people, and passionate we shall remain for our lifetimes, and the cricketers we have want to perform, they want to do well. They may not be Steyn's, or Cook's or Sewhag's, but what they are is a team which has given so much to our nation, they are the one consistent source of happiness you can find, and at least every year, when we perform to our abilities, it is like Eid is here once more. We don't need to be like India or any other nation for that matter. We need to be ourselves, and only then can we truly excel.
Wow BG, I am impressed! Good stuff
Go get `em TigerZ!
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