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Default Top 4 Reasons Why I Dig the BC Forum

Top 4 reasons I dig the BC forum.

4) What it means for . In the context of knowing Bd, the site is a gem. This maybe simply due to a lack of other good websites. But the fact is, one look at the "forget cricket” section will be more helpful to discover Bd than any other site. On a related note, the site is a fantastic source of journalism as well. Not only are you made aware of the recent important topics (both inside and outside Bd), but you get a wide breadth of different assessments almost every time, and are free to take away whatever you infer from the topics.

3) Small but growing community. This is actually a huge plus, as it helps to keep the traditions alive. Some of the best continuing threads will stay strong without any danger of being drowned by a thousand new posts overnight. The caption thread for example is pure comedy gold, and it keeps expanding.

2) Strict no-nonsense moderating. If any thread is out of place, it is reshuffled almost immediately. Fair warnings are issued in case of any rule breaches. Almost a zero % chance of sneaking in a misdemeanor. And no one is above the law too. Occasionally, you might notice members with over thousands of posts being banned. As a member of quite a few other forums( mostly those of my favorite franchise teams), I can tell you that such practice is quite unique.

1) Clean template. Very easy to use. Very neatly organized. No signs of clutter or marketing bombardment anywhere. No excessive bright colors either. Least likely to cause a seizure amongst all other cricket forums. But in the same time, not too austere either. A fine balance indeed.

PS: I was torn between posting this at the “Bd Cricket” section and the “Forget Cricket” section. Ended up choosing the latter.

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