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Originally Posted by Neel Here
AF, army can doesn't equate to army will. even back then, my point was that the egyptian military shouldn't have the political power to be kingmaker. in US it doesn't. thankfully, not in my country either.

my post from back in 2011

it took 2 rather than 20. that's all.
The Egyptian military doesn't have political power to be kingmaker either...they have firepower. And no army has more firepower than the US army. The difference isn't in in power of the army, its in democratic mindset of the generals. US generals respect civilian rule of law, even if the President ignores their advice. Egyptian generals do not.

Btw, Notice that I didn't disagree with you on that particular thread .

Having said that, the Morsi election was historic in Egypt because it marked the first time a popularly or at least semi-popularly elected government came to power in Egypt. Something the Nasser's, Sadat's and Hosni's couldn't claim. Recall that the Brotherhood won the election simply because they were a far more organized and mobilized party in Egypt - which is a key index of functional "democratiness".
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