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Default Bangladesh Air Force

Pics in Bangladesh had some posts on BAF planes, etc but as that thread was long enough and as I don't have pics, thought I would post this background info. I think it is current but not sure. Air Force enthusiasts can find this info on:

Scramble magazine's website

Bangladesh Air Force
Indian assistance in the struggle for independence led to a number of aircraft (DHC-3 Otter, Dakota and Alouette 3) being donated to the Bangladesh Air Force to be. The first fighters of the country were five Sabres left behind by the Pakistan Air Force.

After the Bangladesh Air Force was officially formed (28 September 1973) two Wessex HU5s were acquired and a dozen MiG-21s from Russia. Russia also supplied some transportcapability (An-24 and An-26s) and helicopters (Mi-8). Another supplying country was added in 1977; China. This country has supplied several types of aircraft to bolster the Air Force's capabilities. France has supplied a number of CM170 Magisters in the mid-eighties and the US has supplied twelve T-37s in de mid-nineties. Pakistan has supplied the country with a large number of refurbished F-6s. All of the F-6s have been retired by now and a number of aircraft never saw service with the Bangladesh Air Force. The 1991 flooding resulted in writing off a number of F-6s, some of them were still crated awaiting assembly.

Nowadays the Bangladesh Air Force operates from three major bases, all named after national heroes; Bashar AB (Dhaka), Matiur Rahman AB (Jessore) and Zahurul Haque AB (Chittagong). Bashar AB actually consists of two bases; Dhaka-Tejgaon and Dhaka-Kurmitola. The latter is located on the new Zia International Airport, while Tejgaon is the old Dhaka International Airport.

Tejgaon houses two helicopter squadrons (flying the Mi-17 and Bell 212). Kurmitola is the main fighter-base, were two squadrons of F(T)-7s are stationed, one squadron of MiG-29s and one squadron of A-5s. The Jessore base houses the Air Force Academy, where the Flying Training Wing operates three squadrons (flying PT-6s, T-37s and Bell 206s respectively). The transport squadrons also operates from Jessore. At Chittagong one squadron with L-39s is stationed, alongside a helicopter squadron operating with Bell 212s.

The most recent addition to the Air Force are the eight MiG-29s that were acquired in 1998 and have since been delivered to Kurmitola. The country is eagerly awaiting permission and money to acquire another sixteen Fulcrums, but the order has not yet been signed. Recent publications indicate that the government is to withdraw the eight Fulcrums instead, because of the costs for operating the aircraft.

Not yet delivered is the C-130 Hercules. Four aircraft have been ordered and are thought to be introduced in the near future.
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