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[quote]Originally posted by tiger_man
Originally posted by Maruf
Originally posted by tiger_man
India has no chance against China, now should they go ahead and start buying boeing 747 instead of modernizing their armed forces?

Military modernization is an incremental process. It takes decades to build modern armed forces.

Why should Bangladesh fight against China? China is the largest defence supplier of Bangladesh and a trusted friend.
saddam hussein and bin laden was america's best friends years ago....and saddams so called WMD were made in y are these old friends fighting now....??

during the world war II, America supplied arms and soldiers to russia so that they dont loose to why were they ready to nuke one another during the cuban missile crisis???

because, international politics is very tricky and volatile....if today they are friends, dont be surprise if they become enemies tommorrow....there is nothing called trusted friends

belgium was germanys trusted friend until they got invaded twice during 1st and 2nd world war.

besides, i am talking about a future confrontation with india regarding land issues.....border with india isnt well mapped out and those guys cant stop in 10 years time they will be knocking our door claiming for more land, which we cant give coz we need more to house our own people

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