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Originally posted by Maruf
Why should Bangladesh fight against China? China is the largest defence supplier of Bangladesh and a trusted friend.
i think u miss the point... the main thing being... IF a war was to start with Bangladesh The Air force wudnt stand a chance anyhow... I always believed that Bangladesh doesnt need to bolster their armed forces... we have a lot of other sectors that cud use the money... jei desh er manush 2 bela khaite pai na shei desh 8 ta mig29, or 2 frigates for that matter, kinay kon logic e?

Bangladesh maintains a huge army that has practically no use... NO ONE is dumb enuf to take over Bangladesh... its a liability... too many ppl to feed and too less gain... countries wud rather profit exploiting the Bangladeshi economy...

So army, navy and Aur force barai labh nai... some of the "bhikka" money that we get shud actually go to some development work for a change and not into pockets of our wonderful and patriotic lawmakers...
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