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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
It is very simple. The fans expectation is too high. Therefore, their frustration is also at the highend. Wants some head on a platter, overhaul changes. That is not the way to go. Lower your expectation to the reality.

As for some positive lashing to the fans who are calling heads:

I want to see one fan who really expected two rookie in their debut opening in a test and having a century stand. Anyone? That is even at a hostile condition? Now tell me was that above your expectation or not?

Second, coming in to the test, after losing Rasel (who was suppose to get the most out of these wickets), you guys expected to get NZ all out at their place? Come on, be realistic? They did twice. Now tell me was that above your expectation or not?

If any of the answer is "no" then you fall in the category of expecting too high. Bring it down a notch.

Kalpurush bhai,
Thank you for your timely reminder. (we won three WC matches by the way)
I dont think fans were expecting very high. One win in the ODI and I wouldn't complain a thing. We had a very good chance to win first ODI btw. However, the fact of the matter is that they got destroyed by NZ club teams, and pretty much destroyed in ODIs too. Tamim and Zunaed stand was indeed unthinkable but it was pretty much cancelled by the 93/10 fallout. We didn't have Rasel in the same fashion NZ didn't have Bond. Bond-Martin-Mills trio would have been too much for our batsman to handle. However, they made Obrien into pretty much Shane Bond. On the bright side we managed to bowl NZ out on both occasion. I mean we pretty much bowled NZ out to 360 on both occasion really, which is very good.
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