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Originally Posted by zman
Dr. Z (although technically "Dr. K"),

1. When you started your first business, were you still employed by some other company or you had quit the job first?
2. If you happened to be employed, when did you decide to quit and what was the determining factor? Did you reach a certain monetary milestone or you just decided to go all in regardless?
3. How do you rate churrascaria (filet mignon especially) at places like Texas de Brazil or Fogo de Chao compared to that at Morton's, Chris Ruth's, or any other good steak houses?

4. In your expert opinion, how frequently can one have steak buffet without having to worry about cholesterol levels going through the roof?
5. When was the last time you tried to remember something very hard but failed?
5a. Until what age were you unable to erase anything from your memory even if you tried?
1. Quit.

2. Not as simple as that. No monetary milestones - I have been in start-ups in the past but needed family financial security before we (as in family) could go all in. Plus, we have a HS daughter and college fees are at the forefront of our thoughts. This was prompted by a number of fortuitous happenings not the least being a tremendous career opportunity for my wife that we could not say no to. In the past, she had been the trailing spouse. This opportunity allowed me the ability to support my wife in pursuance of her career which had been put in abeyance for my sake but also for me to take the next step that I had always been wanting to. It has not been easy. Several times in the past, my ship had sunk close to the shore. No danger of that yet. The ship has yet to sail the big blue - though it has made small forays into choppy sees.

3. Apples and oranges. Different flavor profiles. But full 5 stars to both.

4. One really should not at all.

5. This morning.

5a. Still cannot.
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